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You name it we got it: rebuilt performance, heavy duty transmissions 700r4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E,Transmission drum ,sprag, clutch, shaft, roller, parts, input, steels, kits, torque converter, Torrington bearings. And now you can send us questions and pictures with our cell phone number 318-516-9252

Performance Combo Kit Page



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 Performance Transmissions

And Automatic Transmission Parts





PTO Bench mount fits Allison LCT1000 and most transmissions and transfer cases with PTO

Finally help has arrived!

Many standard transmissions, transfer cases and hefty duty units like the Allison LCT1000 offer PTO capabilities.

Most of these units are awkward with no good way to mount them to your bench.   

T-0156PAC is available to fit the most popular bench mounting fixtures.  

1-1/2” diameter round stock is welded to the 3/8” thick steel base plate in a mortis-and-tenon fashion for the utmost strength.

Also available!      1 3/8”  #T-0156SMAC




True Pump Alignment

A4LD • 5R55E • 5R55N  • 5R55S  • 5R55W

Our new T-0168AC features the only type of design that truly aligns these pumps and, when applicable, the bellhousings.

The overall length of the inner shaft reaches all the way to the rear stator bushing to ensure everything is dead-on.

The T-0168AC is milled from steel, perfectly sized for the task at hand.  We’ve knurled a good-sized area into the end to serve as the handle.  Grippy even when/if your hands aren’t.

The steel center shaft is centered exactly and then welded in place.

One tough tool designed to last you a lifetime!




“6T70 Buddy”

Safely support transmissions on your jack!

GM 6T70/75

Ford 6F50/55

  Use with both Ford 6F50/55 and GM’s 6T70/75

  Safely support these awkward units

  Helps prevent injuries to techs (and transmissions)

  Quick and easy to install, use and remove

  Fits popular under-car jacks with ratcheting arms

  Special tab locates the ‘Buddy when slid into place

  Hole provided to hang on the wall when not in use

  Powder coated for durability and good looks



Center Support Bearing Installer

Our new T-3600AC bearing driver will set the

fragile ball bearing correctly every time.

 No more worries of potential damage incurred during installation... we have sized our driver exactly for the task.  It contacts the outer race while the o-ring holds the inner snug and centered; ensuring the bearing assembly will remain smooth and trouble free once installed.

Often, the center support hub surface is in great shape but you don’t trust the bearing.

 Why pay over $60 for a new support kit when you can now purchase a tool that replaces the bearing, quickly and accurately, for only a small percentage of that?  

Don’t just hope... know that it’s done right!

Milled from aluminum, our driver is engineered for a lifetime of service.



GM 6L80E Pump Alignment tool   

New from Adapt-A-Case is a reliable 6L80E pump alignment tool, part number T-46664AC.

Adapt-A-Case has become known for high-quality, American made tools at the best possible price.

All efforts were made to keep costs down while ensuring durability.  The use of aluminum is cost-prohibitive, therefore T-46664AC is CNC machined from steel and then heat treated.

As 2006-up GM vehicles with 6L80E’s come in for service, proper pump stator to bellhousing alignment is a critical component of a lasting rebuild.  T-46664AC is up to the task!



Safely support transmissions on your jack!

4R100 • 4R70W • 5R55E,N,W,S • A604  

And many more!

Many automatic transmissions have irregularly shaped oil pans. Ford RWD’s are known for this, typically making necessary the use of scraps of wood to level the unit on the jack to ready it for installation.  Ask any R&R tech and they’re likely to admit to how awkward this can be.  Unfortunately, too often we find this out when we hear an expletive shortly before a crash.  Or when the tech is out for a week laid up with a strained back or, worst case, their career is ended.

We decided to put pen to paper to solve this problem.

We’ve developed this sturdy solution that has already been hailed as the new “must-have” shop item.  

The Jack Buddy is designed to fit the most popular, air-assisted undercar transmission jacks that are equipped with ratcheting-style supports.  They install in minutes!




Allison LCT1000 Main Shaft Support  2001-up Silverado HD, Sierra HD

Prior to final assembly, T-44587AC is installed at the PTO mount, held in place by two bolts.

T-44587AC is used to support the main shaft during assembly, providing preload.  Why?  Once the rear half is assembled and the extension housing is bolted in place, you must roll the trans back over, bellhousing flange “up”.

During this procedure, if not preloaded, the main shaft is able to move.  Often, this causes the P3 sun gear thrust bearing to fall out of place.  At a minimum, this creates clearance issues costing the time spent disassembling.     

If gone unnoticed, the bearing gets pinched and self-destructs on the test run, taking out costly hard parts with it.



5R55S - 5R55W - 5R55N - A4LD - CD4E  Solid Teflon ring sizer

5R55N-S-W: TCC ring on Stator support

CD4E: Forward/Direct double drum

• Know your ring is sized right, uncut

• Gently tapered - safely install solid rings

• Simple and easy to use

• Durable aluminum construction

• CNC milled in the USA



Needed for servicing the 5L40E, 6L50E, 6L80E and the 6L90E.

First found in higher-end GM rear-wheel drive apps in ‘06.

Center support retaining ring removal:

Have you had the pleasure of working on one yet?

The 6L80E ushered in a new era as GM’s rear-wheel drive workhorse.  A fascinating design that uses a Lepelletier-inspired gear train; it also uses a large aluminum center support which must be removed to gain access to the low/reverse clutch pack and the rear planet assembly.

The center support houses the 2-6 clutch pack on the front side and the low/reverse on the rear.  The size of the support and the amount of stress of the two clutch packs it contains made necessary the use of a rather large, extremely stout snap-ring to hold it firmly in place.

Therefore, a rather large and stout pair of pliers is required!


Until just recently none were available.  To remove the snap ring many have found it necessary to cut into the case from the bottom to gain access with a screwdriver and hammer to “pop” it out of the groove.

Leverage is the name of the game when this much pressure is in play.  The engineers at Adapt-A-Case burned the midnight oil working through many designs before arriving at what you see.

 The heavy-duty tips are replaceable, available through your regular tool truck.

Be ready for the next one

that hits your bench!


Chrysler RWD Carrier Adjustment Tool

7.25 - 8.25 - 9.25

Look forward to your next diff repair!

Our wrench is designed to minimize time and frustration:

Measuring at an overall length of 36”, we left plenty of room for all Chrysler axle widths.  Check out the fully machined hex.  Notice the bevels at the edges of the tools driving surface to help guide it into the nut.  The rear of the hex is tapered to ease exiting if the axle seal is installed during adjustment.  The opposite end is machined to accept a 1/2” drive.  

Final tool assembly is completed using a high-quality TIG welding process to permanently join the pieces.

A serious tool engineered for a lifetime of service!

Not Available



4X4 Output Shaft Removal Tool

2003-2009 Dodge/Jeep  

When used in the 4WD application, the 42RLE’s output shaft is retained to the rear planet with a squared circlip.  Similar to most front wheel drive axles, but much more permanent.  To enable complete unit disassembly, you must remove the output shaft to gain access to the nut holding the rear planet.  With our new T-8200AC installed, a slide-hammer (with 3/4-16 thread pitch) will make quick work of this seemingly impossible task!

We mill the T-8200AC from steel and include a strong, easily replaceable grade 8 cap screw.  Be ready for the next one that hits your bench!




Servo piston assembly installer tool

Install servo assemblies with ease!

Simple yet effective, T-9600AC is designed to be used while at the bench or in the car.*   

Compress the assembly and have plenty of time to patiently install the retaining snap ring.

Built from steel and supplied with a finely-threaded knob to ease the effort, T-9600AC will be at your service when called upon!



Low-Reverse Spring Compressor Tool

TH350 | 700R4 | 4L60E

T-0151AC is a heavy duty spring compressor tool intended for daily use when rebuilding the TH350, 700R4 and 4L60E GM transmissions.

Simple yet durable, the T-0151AC will stand up to many years of service.

Heavy duty adjustment knob is easily grasped, finely threaded to ease the effort required...

A noticeable improvement in quality feel when compared to other tools available!  



All-in-one automatic transmission spring compressor



 Sets Press Arms

Seemingly Infinite Choices

D Ball Bearing

Used Between Beam/QD Fitting

Less Effort Required to Operate

 Cross Beams

Fit a Huge Variety of Widths



Adjustable Spring Compressor Tool

Add-on to your Foot Press or Drum Buddy

T-0171LAC is an infinitely adjustable, heavy duty spring compressor tool for use with your foot-press or Drum Buddy.

• Longer, stepped legs allow even more uses!

• Anodized for longer life and good looks

• A noticeable improvement in quality feel when compared to other tools available!  



Intermediate Piston Belleville Spring Compressor 1989-up E4OD/4R100

Our simple yet heavy-duty 3-piece tool installs quickly and tackles the job in moments

 T-3601AC | E4OD-4R100 intermediate spring compressor tool from Adapt-A-Case T-3601AC | E4OD-4R100 intermediate spring compressor tool installed

A solid design that will last you a lifetime!

T-3601AC consists of a comfortably-sized knob, finely-threaded to ease the effort required.  Gold anodized for durability, notice the longer bar features rounded tapers at each end.  This helps guide the tool into the Overdrive clutch’s snap-ring groove sparing you from a moment of frustration.  The bars are milled from 1/2” thick steel that won’t flex or wear-out over time.


Drum Buddy

4T65E, AX4S/N, 5R110W and many more!

Simple and effective

bench-top spring compressor

Have you ever tried a foot-press to compress the return spring retainer on the 4T65E intermediate drum?  There is about .040” of compression allowed before the retainer begins to bind the snap ring.  No fun by any means.

With the Drum Buddy,

full control is a reality!

The oversized tri-knob will thread down easily and holds its position allowing the freedom of two-handed work and the ability to stop where you are and tend to something else.

The wide open design leaves plenty of room for maneuvering the snap ring and the pliers.


“Z” Buddy

ZF5HP30 and more!

After countless man-hours of work, the gents of Adapt-A-Case are most proud to introduce their latest innovation in tools

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich - (AAC)   The durable yet simple design of the original “Drum Buddy” return-spring compressor device has taken the automatic transmission rebuilding industry by storm!  What’s next?

After calls for a larger design were heard, the engineers decided to tackle one of the most challenging drums yet.  The “C” clutch (reverse) drum of the ZF5HP30 utilizes a 24T diaphragm spring for piston return.  It must be compressed to service the lip seals, a known cause for failure in these transmissions.  If the seals don’t suffer blow out, the “lugs” retaining the top snap ring of the drum can.  Good used “loaded” drums are difficult to come by and the seals’ condition unknown.  New drums arrive bare; therefore the original piston must be reused. Whatever the scenario is, to know it’s done right it must come apart.

To make life a tad easier, Adapt-A-Case is using a ball bearing under the oversized tri-knob.  With little resistance now, the spring compresses easily.

As with the original “Drum Buddy”, additional applications for its use will come as time passes.  The measurements of the compression surface are approximately as follows:  OD:  7.375”      ID:  6.750”

Not Available

Compressor Ring Set

Compress Large OD Spring Retainers

4 Sizes to handle many applications

7.75” - 7.2” - 6.75” - 6.3”


  A tool you’ve always wanted!

 Useful with your spring compressor

Great add on for your Every Buddy!

Time saving for oddball applications



NP246 - NP261 - NP263

’99-up General Motors full-size truck

Front output seal installation tool

Easily places this expensive two-piece seal where it needs to be, every time.

Precision milled from durable DuPont™ Delrin® (an acetal resin). In one simple motion this seal driver simultaneously accomplishes three things:

1) Pilot centers tool inside output shaft    as milled cavity accepts splines

2) Outer recess drives outer seal into case

3)  Raised surface drives inner sleeved wiping seal onto the output shaft


The Muncie Wrench

Muncie 4-speed models M20, M21 and M22

The Muncie 4-speed transmission will be around for many years to come.  Be prepared for the next one you get to play with!  Made of heavy duty precision-cut steel, our Muncie wrench easily removes and installs the thin-walled input shaft retaining nut.  As an added feature, we cut a rounded-rectangular hole into the handle shaped specifically to operate the forks after the assembly process.



Specialty Socket for ZF CFT-30 CVT

Ford Five-Hundred | Ford Freestyle

ZF’s CFT–30, found in Ford’s Freestyle crossover and the Five Hundred sedans, is a cutting-edge CVT unit that has begun to arrive at transmission shops for repair, often requiring complete teardown to perform.

The drive and driven pulleys are each retained by 50mm, 12-point nuts tightened at a very high torque setting, requiring a strong socket for durability.   According to the folks that requested it, not just any old socket will last!

We’ve created this ½” drive, heavy duty offering, CNC milled to perfection from 4140 steel and then heat treated to ensure proper strength.  




Spanner Socket

Ford Super Duty and Heavy Duty Ram

Whether it’s a manually-shifted 271 or the electronically-engaged 273 model, you will need to remove the threaded manual shaft support when servicing the shaft seal or when disassembling these units.

The manual shaft makes necessary the integration of a pass-through hole into the design of our socket, the hex allows quick in-vehicle repairs!  A snug fit is ensured by our meticulous machining processes.

Not Available


Allison LCT1000/2000/2400

Fits 2001-09 - Click here for 2010-on

Output shaft nut Spanner Socket

“WOW!”  That may be your thought when you first take this out of the box.  

Our T-1000AC  is milled from tough AISI 1018 steel.

 Accepting a 1/2” drive and weighing in at just over 25oz,  our socket is more than just another pretty face.  The inner cavity is cut only slightly larger than the output shaft as to eliminate any possibility of side-loading the ears, shortening its service life, eventually slipping and rounding the uncommon spanner nut: a sure way to ruin your day.



6R140 “Torqshift 6”

Output Shaft Nut Spanner Socket

Required for complete disassembly

8.375”” length to clear output shaft

Precision welded and ground

Accepts 1/2” drive torque wrench

Pins available separately for purchase



Spanner Socket for Toyota U140/240

Lexus RX300 | Toyota Rav 4 | Toyota Camry

After many requests from the field, Adapt-A-Case is proud to introduce their new dual-purpose socket (T-2700AC) for the Toyota U140/U240 series of transmissions.

These units use a large 9-notch spanner nut to retain the drive sprocket to the output planet.  As we know, adhering to torque specs of any driveline parts is critical to the survival of components.  Toyota engineers require this nut to be tightened to exactly 207 lbs-ft.  Nearly impossible to attain that setting by “feel.”

As an added feature, this new socket will also remove the nut retaining the underdrive planet/park gear/pinion (also tighten to 207 lbs-ft).



NV4500 5TH Gear Nut Remover/Installer

Dodge/GM 5-speed cast iron ‘91-up

Why have two different wrenches to buy and keep

track of when you can kill two birds with one wrench?

Also fits 4WD Allison 1000/2000 series

That’s what we thought so we designed our own!

Here is all you’ll need to handle the two different-size spanner nuts you’ll find when servicing the NV4500.  As usual, we have not compromised a thing; you can tell the first time you pick it up!   Weighing in at about 24oz, our heavy-duty dual spanner wrench arrives ready and able.  Design includes a provision for a ½” drive breaker-bar for removal and a torque wrench to install.

We then devised a unique socket for GM’s 4X4 app:

Many use a vibration dampener that will not allow the wrench to access the nut. With the torque specs this high it absolutely must be burly to stand up to repeated use. The 4-notch design spreads out the load while maintaining stability. Milled from super tough steel, this will be in your tool box for many years!

The T-4500AC is designed with “pass-through” capability. Why “pass-through” capability, you ask?  As an intended bonus,  the hollow socket allows clearance for the output shaft enabling this combo to handle the 4wd Allison 1000/2000 series!



VW 095/096/01M

 Pinion Shaft Removal Tool Kit

Servicing of the pinion shaft seal, cone bearing and race has now been simplified.   The biggest challenge has been to remove the threaded aluminum pinion retainer (which also houses the pinion seal). This piece is torqued to approximately 150 lbs ft.  and is located deep in the case.  T-7500AC’s spanner socket, which accepts a 1/2” drive, makes this near effortless.  Once the support is removed, the included adapter fits slide-hammers  (with 3/4-16 thread pitch) and threads onto the pinion shaft.  A few taps and the shaft pulls the race out of the case!  The pinion shaft is now free to either service the bearing and race or to replace the shaft.

T-7500AC is a tough tool kit that enables you to perform a more complete rebuild. No more “crossing your fingers” hoping it won’t come back with a final drive problem!



5R110W Torqshift

Output shaft nut spanner socket

The 5R110W Torqshift.  When used in 4-wheel drive applications it must make use of a large spanner nut that also serves as the inner surface for the output shaft seal.  This  nut must be removed for complete disassembly of the transmission.  The design of this nut requires a “spanner wrench” in the form of a large 1/2” drive socket.  Made of heavy duty steel, the pins are a great fit and should never need replacement!



Heavy Duty Overdrive Spring Compressor

88-up A500 and ‘91-up A518/A618

T-1302AC is laser cut from 1/4” steel.  The (3) vertical bars are welded in place using much stronger mortise-and-tenon joints; finished cleanly by machining them smooth. As a final touch we’ve anodized it for corrosion protection (and good looks).  We’ve built it plenty tough enough to withstand a lifetime of usage.  Over 15x stronger than it needs to be.  In testing, it didn’t fail until over 8 tons of pressure had been exerted on it!





Made from 1/2” heat treated 4140 and precision milled with two unique tips.

The Prystick makes large ring removal a snap!




This press is designed with a bearing in it to make easy removal of the very strong L/R spring in a 5R110.

You have the option of a hand crank or socket head for use of a speed handle.




Made from stainless steel this tool helps installing the rings for the 6L80/90 input shaft for years to come.

Just place the rings on the resizing tool to widen them over the part your working on. Then slide the rings to the proper places.

Next slide the sliding tool over the part a few time and the rings are installed.




Made From stainless steel this tool helps installing the rings for the 4L60E Stator Shaft for years to come.

Just place the rings on the resizing tool to widen them over the part your working on. Then slide the rings to the proper places.

Next slide the sliding tool over the part a few time and the rings are installed.




Made From stainless steel this tool helps installing the rings for the 4L60E Turbine Shaft for years to come.

Just place the rings on the resizing tool to widen them over the part your working on. Then slide the rings to the proper places.

Next slide the sliding tool over the part a few time and the rings are installed.



Take a load off using our T-47786AC output shaft and rear planetary assembly lifting tool. Made from heavy duty 1/2” stainless steel.

Easy to use, just twist and lift!





Used for the removal and installation of the 1-2-3-4/3-5-reverse drum in a 6L50, 6L80, and 6L90.

The large drum is difficult to handle without the use of our specialty clamp

* It's a real time saver!