Highly Friction Modified ATF (HFM-ATF) Supplement with LXE®

Eliminates the need for multiple OEM fluids (see chart below)

Converts DEXRON®/MERCON® ATF into any highly friction modified ATF

#1 tool used by professionals to adjust the frictional characteristics of an ATF to operate at its optimum

Recommended for use in Ford AODE & 4R70W transmissions with shudder problems that do not require MERCON® V ATF

Does not contain any harmful components such as zinc (ZDDP)/ash, etc., like other competing products

Conditions & restores seals and o-rings

Also contains all the same benefits as the OEM endorsed LUBEGARD ATF Protectant

The original ATF conversion formula!

Only product of its kind Used, Endorsed, Designated & Approved

by a Car Manufacturer/OEM!