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You name it we got it: rebuilt performance, heavy duty transmissions 700r4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E,Transmission drum ,sprag, clutch, shaft, roller, parts, input, steels, kits, torque converter, Torrington bearings. And now you can send us questions and pictures with our cell phone number 318-516-9252

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 Performance Transmissions

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Chevy Silverado/Tahoe  GMC Sierra/Yukon

NP236 – NP246 – NP261 – NP263

Permanent pump wear protection

Good used case halves are a challenge to find.  New aftermarkets are available, for a price.

The problem with merely replacing the case is it won’t solve the problem.  Magnesium cases are soft; aluminum pumps are harder.  The problem leak will come back.  Maybe on someone else’s watch, but surely you pride yourself in fixing problems.

Save your customer money and fix their problem the first time with this simple drop-in:

1) Clean case and repair damage with an

  epoxy or you may choose to have welded

2) Place BRNY protector in the pump pocket

3) Continue the rebuild knowing it’s fixed




Case Saver & Protector


Save your customer money and hassle by installing our TC4405C case saver.  If your needs require case-half replacement, using this will prevent the problem from ever occurring.

 Use requires slight modification to the pump tab by grinding approximately .050” from the tip.

 Small investment of time results in another permanent repair!



48RE Transfer Case Support + Mount

Helps prevent that annoying O/D Housing Breakage

2003-up Dodge Diesel 4x4 with 48RE

48RE 4wd overdrive housings often crack

Failure is typically due to the lacking support of the heavy transfer case (weighs about 80lbs / 36.29kg)

TC48REAC has been engineered to solve this!

Quick installation - a few minutes and it’s done!

Fits between transfer case and existing skid plate

Uses popular universal GM RWD mount (included)

All necessary hardware is included  

Great add-on to transmission service: Your Customer will easily see and understand how failures occur and how this will save them big money with prevention  

The ‘03-up Dodge Diesel 4wd trucks, equipped with the 48RE, have problems with cracking the overdrive housing.  Their t-cases, mated to the overdrive housing, weigh about 80 lbs but have nothing in place to support them. TC48REAC solves this problem.   A specially designed steel bracket installs in place of the lower two bolts (longer bolts supplied), and includes the common GM universal mount.  As if it were meant for this, the factory skid plate has an existing hole!  TC48REAC includes a machined steel spacer/washer (fits below skid plate) with tapered groove to clear OEM stamping.





Heavy-duty center support and case saver

TH350 • 700R4 • 4L60/65E

Intended for use as a case-saver, our A74761DAC is a new twist on a resurrected idea.

TH350 cases are no longer plentiful nor as cheap as they once were.  4L60E cases have many variations throughout the years.  Either application requires replacement when the case lugs are worn.   You can now save your case and improve on the original design!

A74761DAC fits like OE.  After installing your 87-UP 4L60 roller clutch and inner race, align outer lugs and set into place.  Install the case snap ring.  Next, align outer lugs and set the retainer plate in.  Install and tighten six allen-head screws to 100-110 inch-pounds.

Our A74761DAC utilizes the wide 87-up roller clutch assembly providing more holding power than the early narrow TH350.

Used as a case saver or an upgrade, you’ve been introduced to the strongest-known center support ever available for these applications!



A727 | A518 | A618 | 46RE | 47RE | 48RE

An unbreakable intermediate band anchor;

when durability is a must.

OEM anchors are a compromise between functionality and cost.

Their chosen material is brittle. As the band wears, the angle of the anchor changes slightly.  When this occurs pressure is applied to an area not designed to contend with it, often resulting in failure.  Breakage may also occur when line pressure is increased due to performance modifications to the valve body and/or computer reprogramming.  Larger aftermarket servo pistons certainly take their toll.  Diesel applications have a higher clamp-load from different geometry of the apply lever adding even more stress.  A bit of “peace of mind” is now available!

The Power Wedge arrives milled from super-tough AISI 1018 Steel and will never suffer failure.  It has the capability of handling literally tons of pressure; by its installation the customer will have simply eliminated a weak link.



Steel Reverse Servo Pin

A904 • A727 • A518 • A618

Rear wheel drive Chrysler transmissions have long had durability problems of their soft aluminum reverse servo pins.  OEM pins are susceptible to galling; the resulting pressure loss eventually ends in band failure.  Sometimes piston wear allows side-loading that can snap the OEM aluminum versions.

       We’re introducing a solid solution with our precision milled steel #12913AC.  Gold anodized for enhanced durability, this pin will hold up to what working trucks can hand out.

When your name has to go on it, failure is not an option.  



HD Intermediate Snap Ring Support

High Performance TH400 w/trans brake

“Ahhhh... the smell of smoked intermediates.”

Gotta love it!  Buy the good clutches, a fancy trans-brake valve body, the HD sprags, all the stuff you can think of to make sure this one won’t break.

A couple weeks go by, the customer seems happy.  Then the phone rings after the big weekend. It’s them explaining how they were well on their way to the finals when they lost 2nd gear.  And they’re none too happy.

You pull it down to find the intermediate pressure plate deformed and a couple lugs busted out of the case.  You realize the lack of support of the snap ring between the 8: and 10:00.  “If I only would’ve got that goofy support thing I saw on the internet...  NOW I know what it’s for!”

Under the increased pressures in today’s high performance TH400 applications, the 2nd gear shift slams against the pressure plate that’s only partially supported.  Is 80% coverage “good enough” to satisfy your demanding customer?

Our support bolts into place from two directions to hold firm:  Through the servo apply pin hole and the hole originally retaining the band anchor plug.



4L80E Billet Reverse Servo:

When failure is not an option

Overall, the 4L80E is a fairly heavy-duty transmission.

One of its lesser points is the cast aluminum reverse servo piston.  This weak link is prone to breakage while enduring the repetitive cycling that occurs in plow truck applications, when the boost valve has worn or when the pressure spikes.

Our solution is this burly billet aluminum version.  A direct replacement, it’s much stronger than the OEM casting by nature. Our engineers have made an effective leap forward in design to ensure your customers’ demanded durability.  

The factory unit is weak where it needs to be strong: the area around the apply pin.  We’ve engineered ours far thicker than the original to combat the stresses of any side loading.  Another touch is the additional thickness above the sealing ring groove that helps to stabilize the piston in the bore.

Services 1997–up style assemblies with “hump”