Eliminates Galling and Seizing

Reduces Friction for Longer Tool Life

Aquatically non-toxic

Fully biodegradable

Contains biodegradable anti-misting additive

Derived from renewable resources

Safe and easy to use and clean up

Environmentally responsible

100% Worker Friendly


No obnoxious fumes

Washes off with water


Improves Tool Performance

Eliminates solvent degreasing chemicals, vapor degreaser dangers & high VOC solvents

Reduces worker dermatitis & asthma related symptoms

Can be extended with water for cost savings

Very low coefficient of friction

Does not contain chlorine, phenols or toxic metals

NFPA rating of 1 for Fire and Safety, and 0 for Reaction


This biodegradable and water washable tapping oil is used to facilitate tapping of holes and threading of rods. It is fully biodegradable and washes easily from the machined part with water. It is safe for the operator, effective for the cutting tools and non-harmful to the environment. It is a non-chlorinated & non-petroleum formulation that will not promote surface corrosion on the parts machined.

Formulated for high temperature operations where superior EP and anti-wear protection are needed.  For use in a wide range of metalworking operations where mist reduction and worker allergy reduction is desired such as fabricating, turning, milling, sawing, broaching and tapping.